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E Learning Solutions

"Straight Line Solutions" For all Complex requirements from Startups to Top Notch IT Firms






Tenable is an end to end e-Learning development services provider. We have the ability to design, develop and maintain complete e-Learning solutions. We have a robust outsourcing model that can replicate a client development process or contribute to key development activities. Whatever the needs, we can customize development plans that would complement customer development activities and plans. We have a transparent development process supported by the latest technology tools to enable complete control. Our small size and high experience, work to our advantage to customize large Outsourced Development Centers From custom e-Learning creation to Content conversion, CBT to support content for ILT, we offer a host of services which address your needs at all levels. Nothing can replace traditional classroom teaching, but e-Learning complements the process and can help reach out to the masses. Due to scalability, and ubiquity e-Learning is far more cost effective than traditional learning.

Many studies have proved that absorption levels are at least 20% higher in e-Learning compared to traditional learning.·Businesses training can happen after office hours or on holidays and hence the “opportunity cost” of the time spent on training is zero.e-Learning emphasizes continuous learning and promotes “just-in-time” and “to the context learning“, becoming a valuable aid for busy executives and professionals. In the realm of education, faculty availability is not restricted by geography or even time. So small towns or schools having no teachers can learn from the best of teachers through e-Learning. It is designed to replicate all aspects of the classroom learning experience and others, unique to the online medium. This leads to complete learning experience.

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